A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


A mind-bending perspective puzzler inspired by the likes of Echochrome and  Monument Valley.


The game includes 10 introductory puzzles. Each puzzle gives you a new action to use in your solution, culminating in the tenth level where you use everything that you've learnt (and your wits) to defeat the boss.


Play with friends. Create a new game, play then click share to create a screenshot.


The screenshot is the saved game! Ask your opponent to drag and drop the screenshot to the game window, after a second of loading the game will be ready to play.


Use your mouse to interact with the game.

To follow updates please add Perspect to your collection

The road-map includes (in no particular order):

  • Release on PC, Mac and Linux.
  • Lots and lots of puzzles!
  • Create and share your own puzzles with friends.
  • Online and offline multiplayer.
  • Co-op puzzles.
  • Colourblind modes.
  • Sound effects and music!

Install instructions

For Windows. Please make sure you have .NET framework 4.5 or greater.

Please download, unzip and run.


perspect-win.zip 8 MB
Version 1 Jun 14, 2018
perspect-osx.zip 37 MB
Version 1 Jun 24, 2018

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